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Are you working with the Magento ecommerce platform? Have you any problems related to maintenance? Want to hire someone for magento maintenance and support services? So , this blog is for you.

Magento is one of the leading ecommerce platforms. It gives its users a variety of useful tools and features which can easily enhance the customer experience. Magento releases its new versions during some time period. The latest version of magento is magento 2.  

Magento maintenance services include updates with magento versions, installing the security patches, integration of new themes or plug-in, site optimization, handling of website failure and reducing downtime, etc. 

In this blog, we are introduced about magento, key features of magento, 

Step by step instruction to discover magento maintenance service, the procedure for managing magento maintenance, Main reasons why magento maintenance service is important for your ecommerce store, Advantages for hiring professional magento maintenance service.

Key features of Magento:

One of the key features of magento is its analytics and reporting. It provides you various reports like sales report, tax report, search term report, product review report, etc.   It has a product browsing function that includes zoom-in and zoom-out on product images, multiple images per product, display stock availability, and many more.   The catalog management includes editing and deletion of product review, complete inventory management, dynamic pricing, etc. The customer account contains extensive order history and status, billing option, view recently ordered product, newsletter subscription, and more. Most important key feature is payment and shipping.The platform incorporates functions like single page checkout, integration of payment gateway, shipping module integration, support for multiple payment channels, etc.  Its SEO features include generating google sitemap, SEO friendly URLs, compatibility with various search engines, customer sorting attributes, etc. Most of the ecommerce customers use mobile phones to purchase online. So, Magento offers mobile technology which is used to create mobile friendly storefront.

Step by step instruction to discover magento maintenance services

Once you design and develop an online store, it is a difficult task to maintain it. So, you have to hire someone for maintenance and support services. The following idea can be useful for hiring the best magento maintenance and support services.

Find out an experienced team of experts who minimized the risks of breakdowns. The certification of a magento certified developer in a team is an added advantage for you. Maintenance and support services should be on time. Take feedback from previous clients and check their previous projects for getting an idea about the quality offered by the team.It is better to sign non-disclosure agreements with the teams they need to be given access to the website data.

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The procedures for Managing magento maintenance services:

  1. Optimize websites: It enhances the UI-user interface or UX- user experience.
  2. The latest is the best: It enhances the security of the websites and newest features.
  3. Remove dummy products: Removing dummy products as soon as possible after testing the functionality of the website. It occupies the disc space which affects the loading speed of websites.
  4. Hire someone for magento maintenance services: Handling a magento store is not easy and needs technical expertise. It is better to hire someone to look after the support and maintenance of the Magento store.
  5. Select a reliable hosting service provider: select a reliable and secure hosting service provider.

Main reasons why magento maintenance service is important for  your ecommerce store 

  • To get a fast loading magento website: A customer avoids visiting your store due to slow loading speed. So, customer conversion rates are reduced. Magento website maintenance team applies suitable methods for fast loading your web store.
  • To handle website crash issues: Your magento store gets higher traffic on peak times. So, your sites get down sometimes. You require a quick restoration of your website with the help of the Magento maintenance service team.
  • To manage security issues:  The main challenge of your web store is security. So, you have to handle security related issues with the help of the magento maintenance service team.
  • To get online server backup: A digital network like server and several infrastructure mechanisms encounters natural and man-made troubles. In this case, restoring your web store becomes a challenging task. So, you need to take the support of magento maintenance website services.
  • To tackle minor and major emergencies: Sometimes your web store faces some errors like login or sign up issues, back end code errors, installed plug in errors, front end UI errors, etc. These are the main and minor emergencies experienced by magento merchants and shoppers.So, you need assistance and support from magento maintenance services.

Advantages for hiring professional magento maintenance service

  • Regular updates and technology: This is the era of technology so many updates and versions are released regularly. It is a difficult task to update with technology. A professional Magento team taking care of your website up to date on all its security patches as well as any other upgrades that will help it run smoothly in your store.
  • Certified magento developers: The magento certified developer has a certification of the magento platform. They follow the standard rules and regulations while maintaining your  online store. As a result, you can continue to clean and smooth websites.
  • Professional solution specialist: They avoid costly and unnecessary features. They find economical and helpful solutions. They are experts and have made achievements on their projects. They have a wide range of experience in magento website development services, customization, third party integration, migration and so on.
  • Security: It is the main part of magento maintenance services. With the help of a professional team, you can add features with  multilevel security and have two step verification to your password.
  • Smooth and tight working process: This helps to achieve your business goal with no trouble and zero downtime. they make sure about apps and different extensions and performance for your sites at all times. 
Magento Maintenance Services
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In this blog, we have discussed different points related to magento maintenance services. With the help of a professional team, you can increase your site’s traffic.


Continuous maintenance services are most important for your ecommerce store to get best results. Your magento store needs the dedicated support and reliable magento maintenance service team to keep things up and running. All technical aspects are taken care of by the team and you optimize the online store with enhanced user experience.

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