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  • Certified Magento Developers

    Certified Magento Developers

    Our Magento developers are certified by Magento to make you relax about the their skills and ability.
  • Reliable Magento 2 Support

    Reliable Magento 2 Support

    You can focus on your business to make it grow, rest is assured that we will back you with our most reliable support.
  • Rich Experience

    Rich Experience

    Our team is much experienced in Magento since its inception and up-to-date with all the latest upgrades from the Magento.
  • Standardized quality

    Standardized quality

    Our Magento certified team strictly follows Magento standards to avoid any future upgrade issues to reduce your maintenance work.
  • Solution Specialist
  • Magento 2 Associate Developer

Hire Magento Certified Developers on demand

We are a team of Magento enthusiasts aiming to help merchants/agencies worldwide with our Magento Mobile App Development to improve the eCommerce experience that should produce great results for their customers. Merchant or Agencies can Hire Certified Magento Developers on a weekly/monthly basis from our pool of Magento experts at an affordable cost without any long-term contract.

Magento 2 Extensions Crafted by Magento Certified Developers

MageCaptain is a team of Magento 2 Certified Developers aiming to extend Magento with feature-rich extensions to reduce the go-to market time for merchants. Many of our Magento 2 extensions in the Magento marketplace have been used widely.

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Get your own native Magento 2 Mobile App for android and iPhone to increase the reach of your eCommerce business. Boost conversions with features like Push Notifications, Easy Checkout, and more.

Not just another agency, we believe in Karma

As a result driven eCommerce agency, we take “GENERATING RESULT” as part of our Karma. Please checkout few eCommerce business success stories.
Our Case Studies
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  • magecaptain/homepage/topBanner/t/y/ty-smith-copy.png
    My name is TY Smith from Digital Delux and we worked with MageCaptain for about an year now. Their technical knowledge, their knowledge of the web and programming, their business logic knowledge and general troubleshooting knowledge have really made them an important assets for us as a company. Weather its small project, long project , dead timeline, they always delivers us quality product on time. I ll highly recommend MageCaptain.
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    Ty Smith, USA

  • magecaptain/homepage/topBanner/k/u/kusuma_1.png
    Hi My name is Kusuma from Semeton. Semeton is a company based on Indonesia which is founded in 2008. We focus on web designing and web programming services. We are working with MageCaptain for two years for outsourcing our web programming services. Their communication way, their technical expertise and skills make them more powerful and confirtable to work with. If you have any projects in future with tight deadline or fixed budget, we strongly suggest you to contact MageCaptain to out source your web programming services. Whatever your company needs, MageCaptain is the answer. We do belive you will choose right company for your solution. Thanks you.
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    Kusuma, Semeton, Bali

  • magecaptain/homepage/topBanner/u/n/unnamed.jpg
    When I got the invitation from MageCaptain to cooperate with my own company, I like the challenge. In my previous job I did a lot of projects with hired people from India and other places. For cooperation on distance there are bad and good stories. For that reason I started with small problems on existing websites and I was surprising on the knowledge and speed they bring a quick correct solution. After that I bring more of my clients request to MageCaptain . With all the experience I have had in the past is use my checklist to keep a successful cooperation with MageCaptain. My recommendation for how to deal such way when cooperate on distance: Specified clearly the requirements. It cost time but It’s better to have the correct deliverable, then quick unusable stuff. I spent always a lot of time to have all the things defined. MageCaptain was reacting quickly and don’t say yes to all request. Even when the outcome is ” impossible on the requested way“. I appreciate this from Varun Patel. Have direct contact to a technical person. No local subcontractor or contact person without technical knowledge. My contact person of MageCaptain Varun Patel is very well capable to do so. The requirements are specified in all details, especially if client of me requires their own appearance of design. With the detailed questions and comments I get back from MageCaptain, I get easy the good feelings about understanding of the requirements. They started not without full investigation and understanding. Define start. The agreement for start is not given before there is consensus about the what the deliverables are, time and cost. This was automatically the case with MageCaptain. After delivering check by yourself and clients, feedback all issues. I was surprised how fast MageCaptain improves all the issues. This way of working means for me more efficiency.
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    Steef van Beckhoven, USA

  • magecaptain/homepage/topBanner/a/l/alex-bestall-1-2.png
    At Rightsify we've been working with MageCaptain for a couple years now and have been really happy with the results they have delivered. Their work is done on time and as specified and the support has always been great. From landing pages to complex web applications their skill sets are diverse and plentiful.
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    Alex Bestall, Los Angeles, USA

  • magecaptain/homepage/topBanner/m/i/michael-tubbe_avtar.png
    We first engaged MageCaptain to provide a quote for website development work for our client. The quote from MageCaptain and their friendly, professional attitude made our communications easily and productive. They were very helpful in keeping our project on schedule and on budget. We had worked with outsourced developers in the past and were not satisfied with the quality of their technical work. In contrast, the quality of the work completed by Varun Patel and his team was very high. Any technical issues that we discovered during testing were addressed quickly and accurately so that we were always happy with the results - and so was our client. We look forward to working with MageCaptain again on upcoming projects where we need dependable, timely technical resources.
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    Michael Tubbe, Chanticleer,Canada

  • magecaptain/homepage/topBanner/f/a/fadhel.jpg
    I got a much better website, which is not bugging anymore. It’s way faster than before and now I also have better SEO. I know that because my site and my social links now rank on top everywhere. That’s amazing! I am not a developer so all this technology stuff sounds Greek to me. That’s why I am always wary of using freelance developers from outside. They’ve always given me substandard quality and charged me for moon. But Varun and MageCaptain is someone I can completely rely on. I can trust you guys with any of my development projects because I know you will not rip me off like other developers do. That’s why I work with you only now. Thank you for making my webstore awesome again and also increasing my sales. :)
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    Fadhel Khalfallah, Canada

  • magecaptain/homepage/topBanner/b/i/bishwaraj_chaulagain.jpeg
    I just wanted to send an extra shout-out to Varun, Thanks Varun! You rock.... Thanks again for all your help and support. You are really a project savior for me when my current developer left me without any kind of notice. Great team you guys have!!! Undoubtedly I will gonna use you guys for all of my future work.
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    Bishwaraj Chaulagain, USA

  • magecaptain/homepage/topBanner/c/r/craig.png
    Very good work MageCaptain. I believe in true feedback so providers know they will accessed black & white. I'm really happy with the speed and quality. And someone who replied to my emails/questions quickly! I will use again.Thank you!!
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    Craig, Australia