Magento 2 add free product to cart

A gift is a very positive and healthy gesture in the human society. It conveys information that you are concerned about the recipient. The same notion is followed in the business world. Whether it’s B2B or B2C service delivery, free Gifts Card always act as a catalyst to foster great values to the brand that leads to phenomenal customer satisfaction and improved Return on Investment at a much higher scale.

All storekeepers need to utilize the significance of gifts to build-up a relationship with their clients. For online stores, for the most part Magento 2 add free product to cart programmatically can improve contentment during their shopping process. This is likewise a way that traders say express gratitude to their important clients.

As a result many Ecommerce business owners are looking for the answer that “How to add a Free Gift to Cart in Magento 2 Automatically?

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To know more on Magento 2 free product
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Let’s explore the process of doing this.

Steps of getting Magento 2 add free product to cart

Generalized Configuration

Visit the admin panel where you can follow the path: Marketing -> Free Gifts -> Configuration

Magento 2 add free product to cart

The admins can conveniently enable the module by opting “Yes” in the enable section

admins can conveniently enable

The Gift List Layout enables the admins to display the gift list in three particular ways: List, Grid, and Slider. Incase if the gift is being added automatically to the cart, you need to set this lay out.

A notice will be displayed along with the gift so that the customer is able to distinguish the present from the other product.

If “Yes” is selected by the admin in the Allow customers to hide gift notification section, the recipient will be able to switch off the notice on the view cart page.

Further the admins can add the gift item as per their choice

Manage Rule

Admins can also create the application of Gift on certain terms and conditions

  • Status: Choose Enable to switch on this rule
  • Description: Write a vivid description of the rule
  • Website: Rule will be aligned specific websites
  • Customer group: Select the customer group for specific rule application
  • Priority: Small is the number, higher will be the priority

In the Condition tab, there are two methods that could allow the store managers can choose to apply the rule. The first one is the applied condition of the cart and second one is the applied condition on the item.

Create New Rule

Condition on the items

Condition on the items

Administrators can choose different circumstances to apply the standard. Assuming that the item or shopping basket meets these circumstances, the standard will be utilized.

To make gifts consequently add to the shopping basket in the Action tab, shop administrators need to pick Automatic in the Type field.

The quantity of gifts permitted field backing to restrict the quantity of free presents a client can get while applying the policy.

Store managers have control over the rundown of free gifts in the Gift List segment. By choosing the Add Gift button, they can pick explicit things to become gifts. Any other way, they can choose the Delete button in the Actions to eliminate.

button in the Actions to eliminate

The free gifts would be exhibited in the list so that they can be managed conveniently

free gifts would be exhibited in the list so that they can be managed conveniently

So, this is the following method of add free product to cart magento 2

Benefits of adding free Gift Cards in Magento 2

  • Advertisement and brand awareness
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Introduction of new and updated products
  • Saves time and effort to select the gift

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