Magento code audit

What is a Magento code audit?

A Magento code audit is a detailed analysis of a Magento store's source code that includes examining all core and custom code to find defects and security gaps and doing a careful performance study.

The majority of audits take between one and three weeks to complete, after which you are given a thorough report outlining the issues with the website code and what may be done to fix them.

Usually, Magento code audits include a thorough examination of the following elements:

  • Magento core
  • Third-party code
  • Database

Magento core

The modularity principle is incorporated into Magento's architecture to make it easier for developers to add new functionality and replace one that already exists without changing the platform's core code. This facilitates development processes and preserves the integrity of the code.

In a while, beginners and others unfamiliar with the platform may decide to alter the core code rather than creating extensions to replace the built-in modules. A thorough analysis of Magento's core code identifies issues and prevents platform updates from causing outages in the future.

Third-party code

When you utilize Magento extensions that aren't well-developed, your website's performance may suffer. Using too many extensions or ones that are incompatible with one another can dramatically slow down the loading time of your page, even if they are from reputable developers.

Magento strongly recommends developers to adhere to the Magento coding standard while creating extensions in order to maintain consistency and best practises. You can find problems like poorly written JavaScript, excessive requests, and other elements that may have a negative impact on the usability of your website by carefully auditing the custom code and third-party extensions that you have installed on it.


Although it is unusual for Magento's database to constitute the speed barrier, it cannot be completely ruled out. The site database may become bloated and begin to function poorly, especially for old sites that have been running unmaintained for years.

By assessing crucial performance indicators and locating common security weaknesses like slack user rights, a database audit can assist identify present problems. If they are found, you can take action to secure and speed up the database.

Here's why your store needs a Magento code audit:

Better performance

A user-friendly purchasing experience depends on a website's performance, and a slow-loading website can negatively impact your business's bottom line. Performance concerns must be properly diagnosed using a deliberate and rational strategy.

The frontend and backend code, as well as server-side components, all affect how quickly a website loads. A slow Magento site can be caused by anything from improperly setup cron jobs or indexers to more complicated JavaScript bundling problems. So it's important to know where to look.

Slow webpages can also be caused by the overuse or improper development of third-party plugins. The easiest way to get top-tier website performance is to carefully examine each of these factors and use a process of elimination to find and fix bottlenecks.

One of the main causes of suboptimal site performance is poorly written and unoptimized JavaScript injected by third-party themes and extensions. Similar to this, extensions that make too many or needless database calls might clog up the database.

While removing these extensions is the simplest solution, an audit can help find and fix issues with other aspects of a website, such as website cookie consumption, DOM element size, and HTTP requests brought on by third-party code.

Prevent Crashes

Especially during periods of high traffic, a website collapse can be disastrous. Each hour of downtime can cost your company hundreds or thousands of dollars in missed revenue and harm the brand of your company.

The impact of a website breakdown can be lessened with the help of a specially created 404 page that includes connections to social media and alternative ways to contact your company. Yet, if customers decide to put their purchases on the website of your rivals instead, you still run the danger of losing sales.

A website crash can be caused by a number of factors, such as:

  • Insufficient hardware capabilities
  • Running out-of-date software versions
  • Cron problems
  • An unoptimized database
  • Incorrectly installing or updating extensions
  • Compromised website.

While some of these are simple to fix, the majority need a solid grasp of the platform. You can independently take care of hardware problems or problems with out-of-date software. Nonetheless, it's usually best to leave things like determining system requirements and updating software versions to the professionals.

If you don't, you risk spending too much money on unneeded server resources or getting new website issues caused by incompatible software. Hence, a Magento code audit will assist you in precisely identifying the flaws in your website and resolving them with expert recommendations.

Eliminate vulnerabilities

The quantity of private information that ecommerce stores have makes them good targets for exploits. In an effort to identify security weaknesses, thousands of hackers around the world use scripts every day to scan the internet for vulnerably hosted websites.

Once identified, they take advantage of these flaws to get access to user data, impersonate users by utilising stolen passwords or session tokens, and introduce malicious redirection into the website. A company could incur irreparable harm as a result of PCI compliance difficulties and potential customer lawsuits.

Hackers may grant access to website data and the ability to install harmful code thanks to something as simple as improperly configured disc or database permissions on a server. Besides from introducing vulnerabilities, poorly constructed extensions can also cause code injections, authentication problems, and data disclosure.

Enhance website UX/UI

Magento enables retailers to add special functionality and improve the usability of their websites. It offers a modular architecture that divides key functionality into independent modules to make it easier for developers to replace or modify them without having an impact on other parts of its code.

Functionality at the expense of efficiency, however, runs opposed to the principles of good UI/UX design. Hence, to ensure quick page loads and guarantee a seamless user experience, extensions must be wisely chosen and installed.

By locating issues with your website's code, a code audit can assist you in enhancing website performance, preventing crashes, and removing security risks. 

Improve website SEO

Performance is a key component of Magento Performance Core Web Vital. They advise a website's optimization for three factors that are crucial to a positive user experience: page load time, interaction, and visual stability. A Magento code audit might greatly help your business if you've been trying to improve the position of your website on Google's search results pages.

Various factors Influenced to a high page ranking, such as:

  • Website performance
  • Usability and accessibility
  • Content quality
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So order to fulfil Google's recommended goals, a Magento code audit enables you to find places where the efficiency and security of your website can be improved. Your search engine rankings can benefit from an improvement in those areas, and it can also reduce your dependency on bought traffic for sales.

Wrapping Up

Interruptions may be costly, and a compromise in the security of your website could disable all of your business operations. You should choose a Magento code audit to prevent such a result.

It would be best if you seeking a company that has a proven track record with the platform and provides a variety of Magento-related services, including as development, maintenance, and support, to assist you in resolving any potential problems with your website's coding after a thorough audit.

In addition to the code audit, a number of Magento organizations offer packages that also include a security and SEO audit. By choosing those, you can support your marketing efforts and be confident that your website is fully protected and optimized.

A Magento code audit can help you make sure your website is prepared to offer your consumers a seamless shopping experience, whether you're planning for the approaching holiday season or searching for insights into your store.