Magento 2 MultiStore & Website Setup Service

Magento multistore setup is for those who want to manage many stores and websites from a single backend. Magento 2 multistore solutions by MageCaptain provide everything from Magento installation to Magento 2 website development to configuring and putting it in different stores based on categories, products, languages, and more.

  • Site Management
  • Control over every individual site
  • SEO- Search Engine Optimization
  • Product Browsing
  • Catalogue Management

Magento 2 MultiStore Significant Features

Multi-store is specially built for people who want to manage their stores from a single backend. Multistore shares the same admin panel, thus making the management super simple.

Total Command of Each Independent Site

Magento offers managing multiple sites from a single platform. It is perfect for owners who manage many Magento installations and wants them on a single platform.

Managing catalogs simply and efficiently

You can save time by increasing productivity in Magento 2 store that performs activities quickly. It monitors, filters, and modifies the product information from the grid, lessening the time spent on catalog processing.


Each store has its checkout

A single installation of Magento consists of the same security certificate, a single checkout process, and a separate catalog.


Each store will have its shipping method

There will be a Magento shipping option available during checkout on the storefront. Magento shipping is added with features like dispatch and batches in the Magento sales menu, a Shipping section in the store's menu, and a section with detailed information on every shipment.

Why Choose Us For Magento 2 Multi-Store Development

Magento 2 multistore solutions by MageCaptain help clients manage many stores easily and efficiently. Our team is always ready to help our clients round the clock. Our experts become your partners in success and make sure it happens quickly in this competitive era

  • We help increase multistore compatibility in increasing ROI by making minor to major changes in the ecommerce website.
  • Our team creates a proper plan for handling all the solutions related to technical touchpoints.
  • We offer round-the-clock support to our clients.
  • Any problems related to the Magento store are solved properly.
  • Based on the website's performance, audits and reports are shared with the clients.

Magento 2 multistore services by MageCaptain

MageCaptain helps the ecommerce store to expand their businesses with Magento Multistore Development services. We offer multistore, with the same or different domains, according to the client's requirements.

Multistore design

We deliver maximum value in targeting audience engagement to build a brand identity. You can rely on our team for excellent design layouts and an awe-inspiring look that grabs customers' attention.

Multistore Development

Our team carries a perfect strategy for the effective management of multiple e-stores. MageCaptain's dedicated team accepts challenges from scratch and meets your business goals by carefully resolving the issues.

Multistore customization

Our team consists of specialists that modify your existing store and builds a new one from scratch as per business needs and focus on driving revenue. Our customization and integrations with unique designs will surely convert your viewers into leads.

Multistore Maintenance

Our Magento Multistore Maintenance Service will make your store truly engaging with multi-touch and gives a fully-optimized shopping experience to a store ahead in this competitive world of rapid change.


When do you need to set up a multistore?

Magento Multi Store is a fantastic option for anyone who has to manage a wide range of different stores from the same backend. The backend, or admin, of Magento Multi Store is the same as other Magento installations. It uses the same shared code, which makes management quite easy.


Magento 2 multistore function is for businesses that sell their product across various countries and handles various brands.

Single admin panel management

E-store owners can manage all the stores from the same platform. Magento 2 multistore allows you to manage websites from the same backend.

Easy to customization. 

You can easily add fresh stores, categories, or new products with Magento 2 multiple-store features.

Important aspects of Magento 2 Multistore Development Services

With its Magento multistore development services, MageCaptain assists eCommerce store owners in growing their enterprises. We provide Multistore with or without the same domain depending on the needs and preferences of our customers.

  • Site administration
  • Complete control over each website
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Product browsing
  • Catalogue management
  • Catalogue Browsing
  • Order management
  • Shipping
  • Payment
  • Simple customer account management
  • Customer support
  • Marketing promotions
  • Analytics
  • Checkout


1. Does Magento support multistore?
Magento 2 multistore has a built-in feature to manage many sites from a single platform. Merchants get the facility to get a single admin panel for viewing and controlling ecommerce sites.
2. What is the difference between store and website in Magento 2?
The important difference between Magento website and store is that Magento store contains data of customers with no categories and products.
3. Do you offer Multistore development services?
MageCaptain has a team of professionals for Magento 2 website development and Magento store development. We also provide services like migration, customization, and security updates.
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