Magento Upgrade Service

Unlock new opportunities and features with the latest version of Magento services by MageCaptain. You can stay protected from security bugs and can get streamlined performance that makes your business grow.

Takes no downtime and gives risk-free operations.

  • Magento core upgrade service.
  • Smooth upgradation of Magento database.
  • Increases store performance, speed, checkout and shopping cart process.
  • Reduces cart rejection rate.
  • Improvement in conversion rate.

Why upgrade your Magento to latest version?

A Magento ecommerce store owner whould know the latest Magento version for Magento that is 2.4.3. You can get the most promising features of Magento 2, if you upgrade it from Magento 1. MageCaptain help you to achieve success in most efficient manner.

Security Improvement

More the older version, more unsecure it will be for cyberattacks. We help you to make your platform secured and avoid vulnerabilities by upgrading your store to latest version that includes security patches and updates.

Revolutions and functionality

Every time a new version of Magento is in market, new features and function are emerged. It results in improving platform flexibility, performance and user-friendliness.

Expanding performance

Magento 2 has a motive for handing websites and making it perform at peak levels. The performance enhancements helps in faster loading and capable checkouts.


Functional Improvements and Code Improvements

With new releases, Magento is updates with more features that optimizes the code. It delivers a stable, easy-to-install ecommerce store.

Comprehensive method of our Magento Upgrade Services 

Our experts performs a careful Magento 2 upgrade on your website and make it a zero-compatible issue by maximizing store performance. We undertake following process for upgrading your store.

Analysing website

We analyse your website and discuss all the project details in dept, to avoid confusions. Our team gives recommendations for upgrade by providing a quote. Each project is undertaken by the team assigned, to get the best effective solution.

Constructing a Development Environment

A Magento 2 upgrade when perform on live website, as it creates negative impact. We set up a dev environment, to ensure minimum downtime and maixmizing security that meets all your Magento 2 version update.

Magento and extension upgrade

We take a copy of your website on our dev servers and then perform upgrade of Magento 2 that makes the configurations and content data safe. Our team ensures that the third-party extensions and customizations made previously will work properly after Magento 2 upgrade.

Fixing bugs, testing and launching

We discard all the issues that may occur during customer-shopping and perform a test to make sure everything is working properly. Before launching, we take your store database in backup that secures data loss.

We Provide These Magento 2 Upgrade Services

MageCaptain offers a seamless transition from your previous Magento version to the current. Here are the Magento 2 upgrading services that we provide to help you get the most out of your website.

  • Magento 2 Theme Upgrade
  • Magento 2 Extension Migration
  • Magento 2 Data Migration
  • Custom Features Rebuilding
  • UI/UX Transformation
  • Server Maintenance

Why Choose Magecaptain for Magento Upgrade Service?

Certified Magento Developers

If you are looking for certified and partner Magento website development, MageCaptain has professional developers that have 100% precision rate.

250+ stores upgraded

We are in the Magento industry from more than a decade and have got success in creating and upgrading transformative and reliable Magento 2 stores.

Quick Turnaround Time

If you want your store to be upgraded immediately, we carry a quick turnaround time process that doesn’t lessens importance of you Magento store.

No Downtime

Our developers ensures that you experience zero downtime during Magento upgrade, as we know the significance of time and money both.

Zero Data Loss

We aim on no-data loss process during the entire version upgrade, to make you make your feel secured on entire updating process.

Top-notch support

We make your website up and running by providing on-going support and maintenance, so that you can focus on your business after migration.

Magento upgrade services by MageCaptain 

MageCaptain is a certified Magento development company that has delivered more than 200+ Magento upgrades from more than a decade. You can always count on us whenever you need Magento upgrade services.

It is always important for clients to know the latest version of Magento 1 that is and why latest version Magento 2 that is 2.4.3 is essential for upgrading. We use the most convincing and convenient way, to make you achieve this endeavour. Our expert Adobe commerce developers will help you update your store without any data loss.

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1. Can you upgrade to magento latest version?
Yes, MageCaptain have expert developers who helps you to upgrade to latest Magento version in very efficient manner.
2. Why do need to upgrade to a new Magento version?
Every technological updates comes with more features, security, enhanced performance, code fixtures and functions; that makes the store more convenient for customers and fulfil their demands.
3. What is Magento upgrade service?
Magento upgrade services by MagenCaptain helps to update your Magento 1 store to the latest version for enhanced security and functions.
4. Is it always beneficial to upgrade magento 2 to latest version?
It is recommended to carefully analyse the website and make a proper planning for whether it is important and profitable to upgrade store to Magento 2.
5. How do I upgrade the Magento store?
You can upgrade your store from professional Magento store Development Company to avoid any mistakes or errors in this complex process. If you are trying to upgrade store on your own, it is recommended to have expertise; as the store security and data can be at risk for subject to error.
6. Can the merchants upgrade the Magento store themselves?
It is highly advised to hire a Magento development experts to avoid any kind of data loss or compromise of store security.
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