Magento 2 speed optimization services

Improve and excel your store performance to an outstanding speed. MageCaptain has dedicated team that makes your Magento performance optimization fantabulous by keeping all the UI/UX features that leads to a better conversion and sales

  • Precise optimization plan, thorough technical audit
  • Quick creation and execution
  • Warranty and post-release support

What does MageCaptain provides for Magento 2 Speed optimization service?

There are numerous companies in the market offering Magento 2 Speed Optimization & Magento Performance Optimization Services. We provide Magento Store Speed Optimization Service, for both Magento 1.x and Magento 2.x.

Optimizing web server

Our dedicated developer’s analysis, upgrades software, configures server hardware and helps in fine tunning. 

Magento Caching

Our Magento Expert team helps to configure default magento cache. Also can help to Install 3rd party cache engines for Magento and PHP.

Database optimization

We configure database, balance load-time, read-write database separation that are based on store products.

CSS and JS Minification

MageCaptain professional does complete CSS configuration by combining JS and CSS file compression.

How do we optimize your Magento Website?

We initially audit your current status of Magento website. We understand what constraints and limitations the site is facing and resolve it with the best potential. Our experts comes up with a solution that focuses on ROI as no matter how fascinating the technology is, the end is how they present it!

Once auditing is done, our team follows below process for Magento performance optimization

  • Audit
  • Report and Proposal
  • Speed Optimization
  • Project Report

Benefits of Magento 2 Speed Optimization Service

Be different from the opposition! Improve the speed and efficiency of your Magento store to grow your online business. MageCaptain provides the Magento 2 Speed Optimization Service to speed up Magento stores to enhance user experience, search rankings, conversion rate, and ultimately sales!

Boost web traffic and conversions

The Magento performance optimization brings more traffic to your website that boosts sales by keeping the acquisition costs low.

Gain an advantage over the competition

When website becomes easy to operate, it attracts more customers to use it. A Magento website that loads fast gives customer the confidence to shop more and delivers content in less time.

First place on SERP

The prime factor of a responsive page is it ranks on Google at first search page. The ideal website that ranks first, is the one that loads in less than three seconds and we help in loading within those three seconds.

Why choose MageCaptain?

If you really wish your store gets more traffic and sales, it has to load faster. Speeding up a website isn’t that easy as per some basic websites, as the high quality images and videos play an essential role. But, worry not! It’s not tough for certified experts like us!

We provide,

  • Magento 2.4.5 speed optimization.
  • Magento store performance, MySQL and Database Optimization.
  • 10+ years of experience in web store speed optimization.
  • We help in Google page speed Insights that gives 90+ score.
  • Store takes less than 3 seconds load time in GTmetrix.
  • No-break for functionality and design.
  • 24/7 support
  • Result-driven services

Why speed optimization matter?

When speed optimization is fixed, it reduces bounce rates and improves user experience that adds more sales to your business. Magento 2 speed optimization services helps you to get high-quality content in reduced time. In a nutshell, the speed helps your sites becomes result-driven on Google SERP.

  • 2% more conversions with a 1 second improvement
  • 2 seconds faster with a 32% lower bounce rate.
  • Google green zone entry- Continuous increase in organic traffic.
  • Customer satisfaction increased by 16% with every additional second.`
  • Stable results lead to improved brand reputation.
  • 7% more complete purchases after a one-second time improvement at the checkout.


1. What is Magento 2 performance optimization?
In a nutshell, identifying and solving blockages make a large difference in processing your data. If you use full-page cache and varnish, it will improve your website speed and accelerates HTTP traffic.
2. How to speed up Magento 2?
Enable flat tables, Varnish, and full-page caching. When using CSS and JS files, minify them. Use a CDN if you can, and optimize your photos—schedule updates for indexers. Enable gzip compression and the Magento cron. For search and the catalog, use Elasticsearch. Use Redis for session storage and page caching.
3. Why do you need Magento site speed optimization?
Merchants needs to do Magento 2 speed optimization when traffic drops, bounce rate rises and no increase in conversion rate. Therefore, website performance is an important factor that influences SEO, traffic and purchasing decision as well.
4. Magento optimization tips: best practices for a quick solution
Before optimizing your store, you should follow such tips:
  • Choosing reliable hosting
  • Update Magento version
  • Upgrade package and database
  • Avoid built-in cache
  • Keep indexers updated
  • Use varnish cache
  • Inspect third-party modules
  • Enable Magento flat catalogs
  • Optimize product images
  • Minify CSS and JavaScript
  • Use Elasticsearch for instant results
  • Enable GZIP Compression
  • Integrate Content Delivery Network
  • Clean Database Logs
  • Switch Production Mode
  • Enable Advance JS Bundling
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