Magento Commerce Cloud service

Streamline your business processes and marketing efforts with a store that markets faster and boosts sales in a better way with Magento commerce cloud services by MageCaptain.

MageCaptain experts helps their clients in providing faster time to market.

  • Commerce Cloud Consultation
  • Architecture Planning
  • Magento Commerce Cloud Implementation
  • Payment and Shipment API Integration

Magento Commerce Cloud Features

Magento version that is hosted by Cloud scales quickly and is also reliable. Magento commerce cloud runs on AWS, to ensure optimal efficiency.


Magento has integrated with the Fastly image optimization technology for cloud users, which solves the loading speed issues for eCommerce websites. 


AWS designs are used in the Magento commerce cloud that is responsive for network security and physical security of data centers hosting the Magento commerce cloud environment. 

Ease of use

Many website owners need to gain more technical knowledge of eCommerce websites. This is why they need help developing a store that is used by Magento open source. 


As a highly bespoke platform, Magento commerce cloud allows designing and deploying the Magento 2 and third-party extensions. For developing a store that stands in competition, Magento brings ready-to-use CSS customization options for enterprise-level merchants.

MageCaptain offers the following services in the Magento commerce cloud:

We are helping our global clients by leveraging the best technologies with a fast time to market. For specific eCommerce businesses, Magento commerce cloud has varied in-built features per the requirement. 

  • Setup of Magento Commerce Cloud
  • Magento Configuration and Installation in a PaaS and IaaS Cloud Platform
  • Enterprise Resources Planning
  • Integration of CRM Modules
  • Payment & Shipment API Integration
  • Application Monitoring
  • Support & Maintenance

Hire a professional and certified Magento commerce cloud development

MageCaptain is a certified Shopify plus Dg development Company in India. Our expert developers are always ready to serve high-end services and solutions along with the same commitments and dedication. 

We have a team of professionals that have improved capabilities in being one of the leading experts in Magento commerce cloud development. 

  • Store grows and scales as never before.
  • Capable to handle any size of business requirements.
  • Magento commerce cloud is extremely flexible and can be change up to clients requirements.

Why Choose Magecaptain For Magento Commerce Cloud Services?

Our experts are available at an hourly or fixed rate as per your business requirements. Our team will provide you with a fully hosted setup, limitless marketing and scalability, and quick access to your eCommerce business.

Dedicated Magento Team

MageCaptain has a certified team of Magento developers with expertise in delivering excellent Magento Commerce Cloud solutions per business requirements.

Active Support & Maintenance

Our company delivers dedicated Magento Support and Maintenance Services whenever you hire Magento development expertise. Our team mainly focuses on providing you with a Magento website that has a smooth user experience.

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing model is budget-friendly for every level of business globally. We follow a transparent pricing model that ensures you get what you pay.

Agile-based execution and delivery

During each stage of website development, our experts follow an agile protocol. We follow standard guidelines to fulfill all business needs and requirements.


1. Is Magento cloud-based?
Magento Commerce is a cloud-based hosting platform for Magento commerce software that offers a PaaS (Platform as a Service) and runs on Amazon Web Services. It provides merchants with robust infrastructure, high security, optimized security, seamless integration with ongoing framework and scalable web storefronts.
2. What is Magento hosting?
A web hosting plan that is compatible with Magento eCommerce is Magento hosting. Magento hosting plans frequently include important business features such as an SSL certificate and compatibility with third-party solutions commonly used by enterprises, such as email marketing and Google Analytics.
3. How much does Magento cloud cost?
The Magento commerce cloud pricing starts from $40,000.
4. What is Magento AWS?
Magento is an open-source content management system for e-commerce websites. This automatic deployment creates a cluster that runs Magento with optional sample data, allowing you to experiment with custom themes and visit the web store.
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