Integrate Magento seamlessly to unlock productivity and let your ecommerce application make outstanding business in the market

Integrate Magento seamlessly to unlock productivity and let your ecommerce application make outstanding business in the market

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When you decide to start a business that could surpass the market competitors, Magento would be undoubtedly the one-stop solution for your ecommerce store. Get every cutting-edge advantage of online platform with magento integration and customized tool.

Magento API is considerably the framework that manages the ecommerce store. To leverage this configuration, we have come up with a seamless integration service that authenticates the business continuity true enhancement of your online store

Create web service user integration on the admin panel of Magento and configure the authentication to get started with Magento API.

Magento Integration is the task of consolidating the third-party service to Magento web API that supports accounting, enterprise planning, customer relationship and product management. Magento API is the framework that enhances the web services to support the primary features and peripherals of the ecommerce industry.

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Ecommerce Email Marketing

To stay prominent in the competitive market, you have to throw special attention to the brand awareness, credibility, accountability and trustworthy customer relation. Our magento integration services offer you an impeccable email marketing method that makes the customer aware of every small and big aspects of business. To stay frontline in the current ecommerce world, you need to put a healthy thrust of knowledge on your clients and customers with up-selling and cross-selling techniques. Get them aware of:

  • Product description
  • Prices in distinct currencies
  • Tax system
  • Out-of-stock orders
  • Shipment
  • Shipping price
  • New products


Development/staging environment

Before your website goes live, get an assurance that every integral section of your store is intact and they are placed as per the feasibility of the clients. Make sure that they have been staged as per the required deployment of the drafted project. Be it payment tracking, work facilitation, inquiry button, live chat bot or other section, get the development and staging like the way you want them to be.


Backup Configuration / Support

Don’t afford to put that effort in vain that you have given to perfect your online store in regards to themes, pages, products and blog posts. Get manual and automated backup recovery and configuration for your website. The vital information that we assure to protect with magento integration are Website codes, database information, Images, PDFs, videos, designs, themes, layouts, settings, configurations and many more. Get the best backup and recovery support to shield your valuable online asset in case there is any adverse situation.


Magento CRM Integration

Why to navigate over endless business strategies and countless vision for your online store? We offer you a next-level customer management strategy to make you grab every customer acquisition strategy. With Magento integrated Customer Relationship management, you gain the potential to manage the task and activities of your web store. So, streamline your business with Magento CRM integrated tool that will not only drive new ecommerce possibilities but also bring the maximum productivity out of your business. We offer you holistic and 360 degree support on CRM integration.


Magento 2 Extension Updates

Get full-fledged development and growth of your ecommerce business with our Magento 2 Extension updates that optimize the web page with quick delivery, response timing, efficient backend deployment, database agility and flexibility. For better audience engagement, unimpaired order management, integrate social media across the website; grab our seamless Magento 2 extension updates.


Magento 2 Extension Installation

To incorporate the useful features and functionalities of Magento 2, get a seamless installation of Magento 2 extension. We let you get budget-friendly and cost-efficient Magento store that allows you to create appealing product assessment with top-notch review for your website. With a vast pool of ecommerce experts and IT professionals we are ready to optimize your online store with flawless installation of Magento extension.


Magento 2 theme update

For high traffic and conversion rate of the website, we bring for you multiple updates of Magento customized themes. These unique, responsive and impeccable themes of Magento are one-stop solution to fulfill the essential needs of the customers. So save your time and resources magento ecommerce theme development and get SEO-optimized, relevant, content-optimized and managed themes from our ecommerce IT developers.


Hosting Support

With managed hosting support service of Magecaptain, you get server support and management, software maintenance, back up services, technical and security support for your website. So, make your online store highly available and scalable with safe and secure customer’s transaction, easy cart usage, and single admin panel website management.


Site Monitoring

To check out the vulnerabilities of your website that could boost up the functional and performance criteria as per the expectation, Magecaptain offers you a phenomenal website hosting service.



Get the complete training of magento API integration and Magento ecommerce management from the trained IT experts of Magecaptain.

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We are a team of Magento enthusiasts aiming to help merchant/agencies worldwide with our Magento Development services to improve ecommerce experience to should produce great results for their customers.