Magento 2 Extension Development

MageCaptain has a lot to offer you in Magento 2 Extension development services that make your business functionality unique from others. We have out-of-box developers that make Magento extensions ready to face any complexities from scratch.

  • Get customized solution for your store as idea you desired.
  • We make quick configurations on your store with custom ready features.
  • It maintains high level of ROI for your business.
  • Ou experts solves your post related queries at reasonable cost.

Magento 2 custom extension and Module Development Company

Magento 2 extension development grows your CMS to let you overcome limitations that create value for your new online store! We provide Magento 2 extension development services for everything, whether cache extension to boost your website speed or SEO extension to achieve high rankings.

  • Automate different administrative activities like as order management, shipping, payments, and so on using specific features.
  • Provide a customised store frontend layout to allow visitors to effortlessly explore the site!
  • Improve search engine exposure by giving you more control over metadata and other elements that aren't available in Magento 1 or Magento 2.
  • Using the Magento Payment Gateway Integration service, you may accept secure online payments.
  • Enhanced features lead to more sales.

Key advantages of custom Magento 2 extension development

The website can be customized according to your client's requirements

Seamless integration with third-party software and other external systems

The shopping experience gets enhanced and extended through added functionality, facilitating new add-ons in the future. Magento extensions have become essential for business owners that improve sales and customer experience.

  • The website can be adjusted to meet the needs of your clients.
  • Integration with third-party applications and other external systems is seamless.
  • The shopping experience is improved and expanded by adding features, allowing for future add-ons.
  • Increases retail productivity, assures smooth operations and increases income.

Our Magento 2 Extension Development Services

We specialize in developing unique and conceptual Magento extension that provides extraordinary flexibility to our clients. Our team ensures you get a complete range of services deployed by these extensions.

Custom Magento Plugin Development

We create custom plugins that add functions that match the client's requirements and expectations.

Magento Extension Integration

We are integrating a ready-made Magento extension into your e-commerce business to offer needed functionality.

Magento Extension Upgrade

We upgrade your existing Magento 2 Extension, adding value to them and improving store performance.

Magento Extension Compatibility Check

Our custom-built extensions are compatible with your store and provide the exact requirement needed by the client.

QA and Testing

We have a QA specialist team that ensures that the custom extensions are performed properly and don't interfere with store operations. 

Magento Extension Troubleshooting

 Our support team gives round-the-clock services to acknowledge the issues related to Magento extensions and resolve them at the earliest opportunity.

Why should you choose Magecaptain's Custom Magento 2 Extension Development Service?

Certified experts

We have professionals that carry experience for more than a decade.


In-depth. quality testing

We use the latest methods to carry out our work, and it gets more successful when you comprise certified testing experts.


Detail analyses

Our team does detailed research and provides deep analysis of companies' behavior in the past to create required extensions.

On-time delivery

MageCaptain core protocol is to work by to timeline. Our team follows before-time deadlines created by the company to maintain a decorum of work!


1. How much does custom Magento 2 extension development cost?
Magento pricing varies depending on the development firm and the feature set of the extensions. It starts from $1000 from small business to $40,000 for enterprise level. When you instal the software, it will not have advanced built-in capabilities. Magento is open-source, so you can use third-party plugins to add whatever features you want.
2. Does MageCaptain gives the complete source code of the Magento extension?
Yes, MageCaptain gives the complete source code to their clients once the product is delivered safely.
3. Which are the best Magento extensions to add to the Magento eCommerce site?
The top Magento extensions are as follows:
  • Magento 2 Instagram Connect.
  • AdRoll.
  • ZohoCRM.
  • MageWorx SEO Suite Ultimate.
  • HubSpot Magento 2 Integration Extension.
4. What is Magento extension development?
A code-responsive package that achieves specific functions of Magento is Magento extensions. It's also a directory containing PHP and XML files in blocks, controllers, helpers, and models related to the specific business feature.
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