Magento grow

There are numerous reasons to consider Magento the best eCommerce platform. It is built on open-source technology, making it stand out from the competition and out-rank its rivals by providing a flexible shopping cart system also to have full control in the storefront of the eCommerce store. Magento grow as a top leading online business platform in the present time, even the number of users are declining day by day. Nowadays, Magento is used by 12% of online retail merchants.

Top - Reasons Why Magento is Still Popular

  1. Easy Integration
  2. SEO Friendly
  3. Mobile Compatible
  4. Free To Select Host
  5. Fully Customizable
  6. Pricing
  7. Apps and Add-ons

Easy Integration

The CMS platforms have many advanced functionalities, but not all come with easy solutions to the problems. The eCommerce platform Magento is an online buying and selling platform that can be easily integrated with third-party plugins to resolve the complex issues. Its APIs are also easy to connect with various applications like payment gateways, product tracking, and many more, making the merchant and buyer to access the orders without any concerns.

SEO Friendly

As Magento grows with the passage of time, developers are making it more SEO-optimized. It provides the features like meta descriptions and titles for both products and their categories. Magento also provides the sitemap settings for Google and complete control over URL structures. The search code comes with all the details for the comfort of the merchants and to save their precious time.

Mobile Compatible

According to the blog of SimiCart, 79% of smartphone users buy products through their mobile devices only in the last six months. At present, the number of individuals purchasing from the desktop is decreasing day by day, and most of them use their mobile instead. The other major benefit of selecting Magento by merchants is mobile friendliness. Magento eCommerce platform comes with mobile-compatible technology to comfort the buyers in making purchases

Free To Select Host

Magento is an open-source but needs a hosting provider to host your website. Like Shopify, it doesn't limit the variations for hosting preference. Magento users can choose the hosting provider and the mode of the plan according to the business requirements. In addition, if the merchant decides to shift between the hosting providers, they are able to pick-up the website and relocate to another web host.

Fully Customizable

Each business has different needs and requires the CMS according to that. Magento provides the flexibility to customize the eCommerce store to fulfill the basic and advanced requirements. It is highly modular and flexible according to the industry type. The features available in Magento enable the merchants to robust the backend while providing a pleasant purchase experience to users.


Magento is free to download, just install and setup. However, business owners need to pay for the hosting charges. The prices are flexible according to the requirements of the eCommerce store. Despite the number of Magento users are decreasing the profit shows a positive graph for the company due to the flexible rates. Magento is growing rapidly in the world of eCommerce platforms.

Apps and Add-ons

At present, Magento Marketplace has more than 5000 apps and 1950 among them are free to use to make the eCommerce store more attractive. The average rate for paid apps is between $35 to $1900. The name of some popular apps is Product Pre-Order and Banner Slider. 

Magento grow
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